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Corporate Recruiting Services

If you are experiencing challenges finding the best possible candidates for your openings, we can help to strengthen your business by accessing our database of over 25,000 applicants and their resumes while doing a thorough search for only the most qualified candidates. In addition to searching our database, our recruiters are highly skilled at searching for those “passive” candidates that haven’t made their availability readily known.  We can also do this all in confidence so that nobody even knows you are looking; oftentimes inviting our clients to interview candidates in private at our facility!!!

Candidates also enjoy the same level of confidentiality, privacy and accommodation when working with us.

Jobs in Rochester NY

Quality Recruiting, a Rochester, NY 2008, 2011 and 2012 Top 100 Company, is a full service employment agency that believes in old-fashioned values. We treat our customers and our applicants with the respect that we would expect ourselves. We strive to find just the right type of company for our applicants, an environment where they may thrive and grow.

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Executive Placement

Quality Recruiting of Rochester, NY provides the business executive with our powerful tools, local knowledge and coast-to-coast reach.  Whether you’re looking for a C-Level or any other executive position, our executive recruiting service provides you with the ultimate employment marketplace recruitment resource.

Information Technology

The IT world is constantly changing with new technologies, platforms, hardware, firmware and software languages. Accordingly, our IT recruiting staff is constantly striving to keep up with the latest technologies and trends in order to provide the best possible services and value to our applicants and our customers.


The list of different engineering disciplines is endless, and with each passing year, the list continues to grow as new technologies emerge. Whether it’s Robotics, Civil, Mechanical, Chemical,  Electronic, Architectural, Structural, Microelectronics, Bio-Medical,  Controls, Design or any one of hundreds of different engineering disciplines, our recruiters are here to help you and are constantly working to keep pace with and understand new technologies as they emerge. If you’re an Engineer or Technician in any engineering discipline, we can help.

Sales and Marketing

Marketing is defined by the American Marketing Association as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”
It can also be defined as “the process by which companies create value for customers and build strong customer relationships, in order to capture value from customers in return”.

Skilled Trades

Skilled trades people are the backbone of America’s infrastructure both publicly and corporately. They build our roads and our factories. They supply power to industry and to our homes. Most all skilled trades personnel go through a long apprenticeship program while learning their trade from seasoned and more experienced crafts persons. Tool-makers, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, masons, pipe fitters, sheet metal mechanics, steel workers, welders and a host of others have to study their craft and eventually pass state certification tests to be deemed as Journeymen. Usually, this process involves at least 4 years and classroom study and starting out with doing the most difficult and dirty jobs within their trade while patiently watching and observing and learning.

If you are a skilled trades person and are looking for work, send your resume and we may be able to help place you into a position with one of the many trades company’s we deal with.

Clerical & Office Support

The people that keep everything running internally are the clerical and office support within each company. At Quality Recruiting, our staff is continually working to provide the best possible clerical and office support available. Each candidate is personally interviewed and tested for their proficiency in typing/keyboarding, filing, phone etiquette, spreadsheet creation, word processing, presentation graphics and any number of related skills utilizing our specialized ProveIT® testing software.

Whether you’re a company looking for only the best office staff or an individual looking for this type of work, Quality Recruiting can help you.

Quality Recruiting, Rochester NY

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Quality Recruiting, a 2008, 2011 and 2012 Rochester (NY) Top 100 Company, is an owner-operated company that treats our applicants and customers with the respect that we expect ourselves. We are ALWAYS committed to finding the best possible fit when presenting our applicants to our customers.

Steve Neelin, co-founder and CEO, has been a recruiter since January, 1997. Because the Company has over 120 years of combined recruiting/human resources experience, we feel we have the experience and integrity to help with the sometime difficult transition of changing jobs. For some of our applicants, this is the biggest career decision that they will ever have to make. We are here to help!!

All information shared by our customers and applicants remains confidential. Please feel free to contact Steve with any questions or concerns that you may have. We’ll speak with you soon!!

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Quality Recruiting, a 2008, 2011 and 2012 Rochester, NY Top 100 Company, is a full service employment agency and executive search firm that believes in old-fashioned values. We treat our customers and our applicants with the respect that we would expect ourselves. We strive to find just the right candidates for our client companies. We feel strongly that our successes come from the types of people that share in our philosophies.

Employees are the backbone of any organization. We believe that we can help strengthen your business by accessing our database of over 25,000  applicants and resumes and that we can do this in confidence!!!

Please call me personally to discuss how we may be of assistance to you. Confidentially, of course, and with no cost or obligation if it’s decided you don’t require our services.

Steve Neelin – CEO, Quality Recruiting